Smarter Security For Your Business

Secure your business with a security solution that replaces keypads and sensors with professionally installed cameras and software that guarantees no false alarms.

So powerful is our camera system, it can replace traditional security.

No Keypads

Keypads are prone to malfunction and are painful to use. Cammy can be set to auto arm and disarm or scheduled for set times.

No Sensors

Door and window sensors don't show what triggered an alarm. With Cammy, sensors are replaced with cameras and smart software.

No False Alarms

Cammy utilises Artificial Intelligence to send alerts only when a person is detected, ignoring motion from other sources.

All-In-One Security


View your business live from anywhere, anytime. Look back at historical events. And enjoy peace of mind that your business is safe and things are under control.


When the alarm is on, receive alerts when your cameras detect a person. Know when someone is at reception, a delivery has arrived or someone is breaking in.


Investigate footage easily with a timeline showing when a person was detected on camera. Play back 24/7 video and export the evidence you need.

The Cammy Difference

Cameras & Alarm In One System

Traditionally CCTV and alarms are separate systems but with Cammy we combine cameras and an alarm in one system.

Person Detection

Using Artificial Intelligence, Cammy guarantees no false alarms so you're only alerted when a person is detected on camera.

Less Hardware

With Cammy there is no need for motion sensors, keypads and codes. Your alarm automatically arms/disarms for you and smart software replaces old fashioned sensors.

Local and Cloud Storage

Most systems only provide local storage meaning your footage is vulnerable to fire, damage and theft. With Cammy, your footage is safe and viewable from anywhere.

Software as a Service

With Cammy providing software as a service, you have app and monitoring software that is continuously updated with the latest AI and Machine Learning powered features.

Become a Cammy Installer

Cammy is available exclusively through a network of licensed security installers who are committed to delivery a professional installation. If you're a security installer looking to grow your business contact us today.