Protect your home and family with security cameras and an alarm in one system. Monitor activity around the home, receive alarm alerts and capture evidence.

Smarter Security With Cammy

Are the kids home from school safe? Are the cleaners working the required hours? Has someone accessed the pool area? Is the garage door shut? What's that noise outside during the night? Is there anyone on your property?

Find out with Cammy

Cammy allows you to monitor every angle of your home and when the alarm is on, receive alerts if a person is detected. This protects your home 24/7 but can also be used to monitor pets, children, tradespeople and cleaners.

Own a business? Have Cammy installed at both premises and manage alarm settings and all cameras from one app.

How Homes Are Using Cammy

  • Know if someone is breaking in
  • Capture evidence of crime
  • View every part of your home live, from anywhere
  • Verify if a delivery has arrived
  • See if cleaners are working the required hours
  • Monitor the work of tradespeople
  • Know they are home safe
  • Monitor pool areas
  • Know if everything is ok with the babysitter
  • Monitor their behaviour when you're out
  • See if they ate their food
  • Verify which dog destroyed your shoes
  • Capture evidence for claims assist

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