Become a Cammy Installer

Grow your business as a preferred installer of Cammy. Take advantage of our easy to install cameras, leverage our sales expertise and increase your revenue.

About Our Installers

Cammy works with selected experts to provide customers with a professional installation. All of our installers are fully licensed, and qualified by our team. Quality of work, integrity, and effective communication are essential in the people we choose to work with.

Why Become a Cammy Installer?

When you become a Cammy Installer, our team becomes your team.

Increase Your Revenue

We find you new customers and give you the opportunity to build lasting relationships that lead to future work opportunities. You are paid up-front and you're in complete control of your profit margins.

Leverage Our Sales Expertise

We find, pre-qualify and nurture leads for you. There are no sale scripts to memorise, no heavy technical information to learn. You just quote for and complete the installation.

Access Free Resources

If you want to refer customers to get more work, we can provide flyers, business cards, email templates, links to blog content and videos.

Save Time On Installations

Unlike other security systems, there are no sensors or keypads to install. We provide an expert technician to set up the software so all you need to do is the camera installation.

Carry Minimal Hardware

We eliminate the stress of ordering and managing hardware. We provide the PC, all the cameras, and PoE switches on the day of the install, so all you need to bring are your tools and cabling.

Benefit With Free Financing

Free financing is offered to customers who choose a preferred Cammy installer. We take care of all the credit checking and administration and pay you up-front. It's a win-win for you and the customer.

Ready to Grow your Business?

Contact us to find out more about how you can leverage our software technology expertise to grow your business and stay ahead of the competition.

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