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Our partnership with Enrizen One
How does Cammy affect your insurance policy and level of risk? Are you eligible for a discount on your premium if you install Cammy?

To help answer these questions, we have partnered with Enrizen One, who can act as your dedicated insurance advisor.

Enrizen One

Risk Management Through Insurance

Risks to your business are constant and best managed proactively. Most risks are also unpredictable. Managing risk is an important part of business, and planning for risks before they occur is often the easiest way to do so. That’s where Enrizen can help. Enrizen assist you to identify and evaluate the true level of risks to your business and advise on what is required to mitigate or manage it.

Risk Management Advice

Risk identification and profiling. Enrizen establish where your risks are and provide options.

Family Protection

Family protection is even more important as a business owner. Ensure you have the right protection in place.

Construction & Trades

As a key player in the construction industry, Enrizen understand your unique needs.

Workers Compensation

A compulsory, yet sizable expense to many businesses.

Professional Firms

Enrizen know that Professional Firms have specific needs and have agreed extensions.

Personal Insurance

Professional indemnity and comprehensive advice for specific occupations.

Property Insurance

Tailored solutions for your requirements for property, rental

Wealth Portal

Ensure all documents are stored in the secure vault and available when required.

Contact Enrizen One

To understand more about how Enrizen can help your business, please contact:

Denielle Franklin
Executive Director, Enrizen One
1300 650 341

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