Commercial Offices

See what's happening at your office anytime, and be the first to know if something's amiss. Cammy provides cameras and an alarm in one system with no false alarms guaranteed.

Smarter Security With Cammy

Is someone trespassing after hours? Did anyone unauthorised access those confidential documents? Has the client arrived for the meeting yet? Are the cleaners working the hours you’re paying for? Who signed for that delivery that's gone missing?

Find out with Cammy

Cammy allows you to monitor all areas of the office and when the alarm is on, receive alerts if a person is detected. This protects your business after hours but can also be used to know when someone is at reception, when someone accesses a filing cabinet or if a package arrives.

How Offices Are Using Cammy

  • Know if someone is trespassing after hours
  • See who accessed important files and documents
  • Capture evidence of internal or external theft
  • View every part of the office live, anytime
  • Know when someone arrives at reception
  • Verify the time of a delivery and who signed for it
  • See if cleaners are working the required hours
  • Identify vehicles parked in the wrong spaces
Occupational health and safety
  • Capture evidence of misconduct and harassment
  • Ensure staff are complying with safety procedures
Staff management
  • Verify work hours and employee productivity
  • Identify who left the kitchen in a mess
  • Settle workplace disputes with clear evidence
  • Capture evidence for claims assist

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