Manufacturing and Warehousing

Monitor your warehouse from every angle and be the first to know if there is a security threat. Cammy provides cameras and an alarm in one system with no false alarms guaranteed.

Smarter Security with Cammy

Is someone trespassing after hours? What happened to those raw materials by the loading dock? Who signed for the delivery? Are all the machines working? What caused the fire? What hours are staff working?

Find out with Cammy

Cammy allows you to monitor all areas of your warehouse or factory and when the alarm is on, receive alerts if a person is detected. Using Artificial Intelligence instead of motion sensors or heat detection, Cammy guarantees no false alarms so you can place your cameras anywhere including zones with moving machines. This protects your business after hours but can also be used during the day to know when someone accesses a restricted area or when a delivery arrives at the dock.

To help you meet insurance requirements, Cammy provides both local storage and cloud storage so evidence is not lost in the event of fire, damage or theft.

How Industrial Businesses Are Using Cammy

  • Know when someone appears at the loading dock
  • Verify the time of a deliver and who signed for it
  • See if any equipment has broken down
  • Identify vehicles parked in the wrong area

Occupational health and safety
  • Ensure staff are complying with safety procedures
  • Identify hazards ahead of time
  • Ensure staff are wearing proper protective clothing

Staff management
  • Verify work hours and staff productivity
  • Monitor smoke breaks
  • Identify who left the kitchen in a mess
  • Settle workplace disputes with clear evidence

  • Capture evidence of crime
  • Identify the source of a fire
  • Prove the break down of machinery
  • Verify a false compensation claim

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