Cammy Security Cameras

Our state of the art indoor and outdoor WiFi cameras are easy to install and come with 1 month FREE access to premium features on the Cammy app.

All cameras include 1 month FREE access to premium features

If you decide to continue with premium features after the free month, the cost per camera is only £8/month


Get alerted when a person is detected

When your cameras are armed and a person is detected, you will receive an alert. If it’s a threat, you can tap to call the Police, straight from the app. * No false alerts from pets and shadows. *


Find out what happened

View a list of timestamped events starting with the most recent footage captured. Easily find what you’re looking for.


Be there in the moment

Tap to see a live view of your cameras from anywhere, anytime. You can do this from your phone and tablet.


Search and Share

Easily search events by day and time and easily share via email, text message or post to social media.


30 Day Cloud Storage

All images from all motion detected events stored in the cloud for 30 days.

* Premium App Feature Only *

For all full Free and Premium App feature inclusions, please see Terms and Conditions

Cammy Cameras

Both Wi-Fi cameras feature Night Vision up to 20 meters, are waterproof, and record in HD 1080p quality.



HD quality

Night Vision



Indoor Wifi Camera

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With a wide field of vision that's perfect for any room, the Alien camera is sleek and stylish and sits well on any desk or counter top. Set it up to monitor activity during the day or night and communicate with 2-way audio.



Indoor WiFi Camera

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With the option to pan and tilt, this versatile camera is great for monitoring larger indoor areas. Pan the cameras to find and say hi to your dog, see where the kids are or survey your home.



Outdoor Wifi Camera

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Your own personal guard keeping watch on the perimeter of your business no matter where you are. The Nighthawk gives you monitoring over your entrance, driveway, side alley, or storefront.

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